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** Created: Sun Apr 21 14:33:29 2002
**      by:  The User Interface Compiler (uic)
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#ifndef ADDDATA_H
#define ADDDATA_H

class QVBoxLayout;
class QHBoxLayout; 
class QGridLayout; 
class QFrame;
class QPushButton;
class QTable;
class QCheckBox;
class KLocale;

class AddData : public QDialog

    AddData( QWidget* parent = 0, const char* name = 0, bool modal = FALSE, WFlags fl = 0, int columns = 1 );

    QFrame* Frame3;
    QTable* TableData;
    QPushButton* buttonOk;
    QPushButton* buttonCancel;
		QString* tableName;
		QString* dbName;
		QCheckBox* autoCheck;

		void setTab(QString * tabname);
		void addCol(QString * colname, bool isPrim, bool isAuto);
		void setDb(QString * dbname);

public slots:
		void slotQueryFailed();
		void slotQuerySucceded();

private slots:
    virtual void doInsert();
    virtual void slotAddRow(int row, int col);
		virtual void slotTabMenu(int row, int col, const QPoint & pos);
		virtual void slotRemoveRow();
		virtual void slotDoNothin();
		virtual void slotClearSucceded();
		virtual void slotRemoveRowNum( int num );

    QVBoxLayout* AddDataLayout;
    QHBoxLayout* Frame3Layout;
    QHBoxLayout* Layout1;
		KLocale* kl;

		void insertRequest( QString* db, QString* sql );
		void allRequestsFired();
		void allRequestsSucceded();
		void allRequestsFinished();

		QBitArray* isPrimary;
		QBitArray* isAutoInc;
		QBitArray* rowSucceded;
		int clickedRow;
		QString* tooltip;
		int numQuerySucceded;
		int numQueryFailed;
		int numQueryRow;
		int allQueries;

#endif // ADDDATA_H

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