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**      by:  The User Interface Compiler (uic)
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#ifndef LOGINBOX_H
#define LOGINBOX_H

class QVBoxLayout; 
class QHBoxLayout; 
class QGridLayout; 
class KLineEdit;
class KPasswordEdit;
class KSqueezedTextLabel;
class QFrame;
class QPushButton;
class KLocale;
class QComboBox;

class LoginBox : public QDialog

//    LoginBox( QWidget* parent = 0, const char* name = 0, bool modal = FALSE, WFlags fl = 0 );
    LoginBox( QWidget* parent = 0,  const char* name = 0, bool modal = FALSE, WFlags fl = 0 , QString h = QString::null, QString u = QString::null, QString b = QString::null, int mytype=1 );

    QFrame* Frame3;
    QFrame* Frame4;
    KSqueezedTextLabel* KSqueezedTextLabel2;
    KLineEdit* host;
    KLineEdit* base;
    KSqueezedTextLabel* KSqueezedTextLabel3;
    KLineEdit* user;
    KSqueezedTextLabel* KSqueezedTextLabel4;
    KSqueezedTextLabel* KSqueezedTextLabel9;
    KPasswordEdit* passwd;
    QPushButton* buttonOk;
    QPushButton* buttonCancel;
    QComboBox* Combo1;

    void loginRequest( QString host, QString user, QString pass, QString base, int type);
    void successfullLogin();

public slots:
 void slotClear();
 void slotLogin();
 void slotSetServer( QString server );
 void slotSetUser( QString user );
 void enableBase( int selected );

    int getType(int t);
    int getPos(int t);
    void notSupportedNow();
    QVBoxLayout* LoginBoxLayout;
    QGridLayout* Frame3Layout;
    QGridLayout* Frame4Layout;
    QHBoxLayout* Layout1;
		KLocale* kl;
    int type;

#endif // LOGINBOX_H

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