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    copyright            : (C) 2001 by mb
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 *   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify  *
 *   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by  *
 *   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or     *
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// include files for Qt


#include "db_components.h"

class QVBoxLayout; 
class QHBoxLayout; 
class QGridLayout;
class QComboBox;
class QFrame;
class QListView;
class QListViewItem;
class QMultiLineEdit;
class QPushButton;
class QTable;
class QPopupMenu;
class KLocale;
class SqlGuiDoc;
class KFileDialog;
//class SqlGuiPart;

//struct spalte;
//typedef spalte spalten_t;
//struct column;
//typedef column spalten_t;

/** The SqlGuiView class provides the view widget for the SqlGuiApp instance.	
 * The View instance inherits QWidget as a base class and represents the view object of a KTMainWindow. As SqlGuiView is part of the
 * docuement-view model, it needs a reference to the document object connected with it by the SqlGuiApp class to manipulate and display
 * the document structure provided by the SqlGuiDoc class.
 * @author Source Framework Automatically Generated by KDevelop, (c) The KDevelop Team.
 * @version KDevelop version 0.4 code generation
class SqlGuiView : public QWidget

//  friend class SqlGuiDoc;
//  friend class SqlGuiPart;

  /** Constructor for the main view */
  SqlGuiView(QWidget *parent = 0, const char *name=0);
  /** Destructor for the main view */
  QString* selectedDB();
  QString* selectedTable();
  QFrame* Kasten;
  QTable* ResultList;
  QMultiLineEdit* sqlEdit;
  QPushButton* sqlEditClear;
  QPushButton* sqlSubmit;
  QComboBox* sqlHistory;
  //    QFrame* Line1;
  QSplitter* Line1;
  /** returns a pointer to the document connected to the view instance. Mind that this method requires a SqlGuiApp instance as a parent
   * widget to get to the window document pointer by calling the SqlGuiApp::getDocument() method.
   * @see SqlGuiApp#getDocument
  SqlGuiDoc *getDocument() const;
  QString * getLastActionDB();
  QString * getLastActionTab();
  QString * getLastActionPrim();
  void deleteBase();
  void deleteTable();
  void message( QString* );
  void setDocument( SqlGuiDoc* d);
  /** contains the implementation for printing functionality */
  void print(QPrinter *pPrinter);

public slots:	
  void slotUpdateMainView();	
  void slotUpdateResultList();
  void slotDeleteBase();
  void slotDeleteTable();
  void slotExport();
  void slotQueryDone();
  void slotQueryUnDone();
  void slotSetFast( bool b );
  void slotAddTableData();
  private slots:
  void slotEditorQuery();
  void slotEditorAddHistory();
  void slotDoubleClickQuery(QListViewItem * item);
  void slotDbMenu( QListViewItem* item, const QPoint & pos, int num );
  void slotDbMenu( int row, int col, int button, const QPoint & mousePos );
  void slotCreateDB();
  void slotCreateTable();
  void slotCheckTable();
  void slotOptimizeTable();
  void slotRepairTable();
  void slotUpdateTable(int row, int col);
  void slotUpdateLastAction(QString* db, QString* tab, QString* prim);
  void slotConfirmOverwrite(const QString & filename);
  void slotWriteFile();
//  void slotAddTableData();
  void slotServerStatus();
  void slotTableRowCount();
	void slotSelectionChanged();

	void slotExportDB(QString* db, int format);
	void slotExportTable(QString* db, QString* tb, int format);
	void slotExportSelection( int row1, int col1, int row2, int col2, int format);
  void slotExportDlg(int what, int form);
  void slotExportDlg2();
  void slotSetExport(int what, int form);
  void slotSelectExport( const QString & expfile);
  void slotToDo();
  void doQuery( QString * Base, QString * Query );
  void createDb();
  void deleteDb( QString* );
  void createTable();
  void deleteTable( QString* db, QString* tb );
  void checkTable( QString* db, QString* tb );
  void optimizeTable( QString* db, QString* tb );
  void repairTable( QString* db, QString* tb );
  void gotResult();
  void overwrite(const QString & filename);
  void donotoverwrite(const QString & filename);
  void gotQueryDone();
  void gotQueryNotDone();
	void statusBarRequest( const QString & msg );
	void serverStatusRequested();
	void countRowRequested( QString* _db, QString* _tb );
	void selectionChanged( bool on );

	KLocale* kl;

  QFileDialog* whatfile2;
//  KFileDialog* whatfile2;
  QString* lastActionDB;
  QString* lastActionTab;
  QString* lastActionPrim;
  int exportdata;
  int exportform;
  column_t * colu;
  bool fast;
  int maxNumRowsResultlist;
  int maxNumColsResultlist;
  QWidget *myParentWidget;
  SqlGuiDoc* doc;
  void resizeEvent( QResizeEvent * );
  QPopupMenu * menu;
  int exportIndex;
  int counterIndex;
  int tcheckIndex;
  int toptimizeIndex;
  int trepairIndex;
  int tcreateIndex;
  int tdeleteIndex;
  int teditIndex;
  int dcreateIndex;
  int ddeleteIndex;
  int insertIndex;

#endif // SQLGUIVIEW_H

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